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Nationwide “Keep Local Alive” movement shines spotlight on Tucson



TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – Last March, David Loveland and Bobby Johnson planned to launch a marketing product for small businesses. Then COVID-19 prevailed.

The couple switched gears and instead began drawing attention to the support of the local people.

“Let’s just go out there and see if we can do good for a few months and it will grow into a lot more,” said Loveland, now co-founder of Keep Local Alive.

Next, the Keep Local Alive movement was born. Loveland and Johnson set up Facebook groups in many cities across the country to promote small businesses. The two decided to do something epic to make themselves stand out and went on a road trip across the country.

“From Sarasota, Florida to Seattle, Washington. We highlighted 68 cities. We’d find three or four stores. Good stories from everyone and highlighted them, ”Loveland said.

He said one thing became clear through their adventures

“An entrepreneur’s heart and passion are the same everywhere. Whether in San Francisco or Columbia, Missouri. This entrepreneurial drive is something like that, ”he said.

He said Tucson stood out.

“Tucson was high on our list for the people who jump on board and actually do something about this problem,” he said.

Keep Local Alive selected Tucson and Omaha, Neb. As the first two cities to launch their app this fall. It is designed to make it easier for people to find independently owned shops and restaurants. Local business owner Sydney King says spreading awareness makes a big difference

“I really believe we need each other to grow,” said King, founder of Syd Shakes. “If I had bought from a local company and someone needed the same, I would recommend them and it will keep going.”

Supporting locales is an idea that Keep Local Alive hopes will live on for many years to come.

“It’s about keeping the local, rich culture alive in your city. This is not a COVID thing, not a pandemic thing, it’s an always thing, “Loveland said.

This is where you will find the Keep Local Alive Tucson page.

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