This Tucson diner is spicing things up with alcoholic milkshakes | Tucson Restaurant News



Little Anthony’s Back to the Past milkshake includes vanilla ice cream, orange sorbet, and vodka.

Little Antonius

Little Anthony’s has long been a source of nostalgia for Tucsonans; a throwback to another time when Elvis Presley was king and actors like James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shone on the screen.

Since opening in 1987, milkshakes, served in old-fashioned ice cream cups in standard flavors like chocolate and vanilla, or covered in piles of marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and even cotton, have been one of the signature treats of 50s candy, as part of his “Big Bopper “milkshake menus.

More recently, the East Side restaurant’s adult milkshakes – milk shakes with added alcohol – are becoming increasingly popular, said Tony Terry, owner of Little Anthony.

Little Anthony’s milkshakes for adults include the Henry Porter, a mix of creamy soda, butterscotch, and Crown Royal, and 009, the coffee ice cream and chocolate cake flavor combined with kahlua.

“It was a good addition,” said Terry. “We introduced it and it has been growing every week since then.”

Terry held a liquor license that allowed him to serve beer and wine at Gaslight and Little Anthony’s for decades, but switched to a full liquor license about four years ago.