Tucson rap trio expands lineup with two women rappers | Music



Change to: Members of the Unrehearsed Music Group D-Smoke, OddBall, 3DWon and Producer / Engineer Mario Bolaños.

Ana Beltran, Arizona Daily Star

Tucson-based hip-hop trio Unrehearsed Music Group is now a quintet after adding two women to the lineup.

The rappers Tiffany Padilla and Daniela Iniguez-Dejadez from the Phoenix region joined Daniel Grijalva, Eduardo Zuniga and Luis Vasquez at the end of last summer, which began as a one-time collaboration and developed into a full partnership.

“They bring a completely different mood, a completely different sound that we can get into,” said Grijalva, adding that the Unrehearsed Music Group is now singing up with Iniguez-Dejadez aka De Jadez, who sings alongside rapping may contain their tracks – something that the seven-year-old ensemble failed to achieve on their earlier recordings.

“With these two additions, our entire image changes to the kind of music we can make now,” he said.

Phoenix rapper Tiffany Padilla, who goes by the stage name Devilz Playground, joined Tucson’s hip-hop trio Unrehearsed Music Group late last summer.

Diana Salazar Padilla

“We’re bringing … a different sound and a different perspective to bring us all together to make it perfect,” said Padilla, who has been rapping in Phoenix clubs and open mic under the stage name Devilz Playground for 20 years. “It’s incredible, all of us together. I think it’s just all of our different styles, all of our different currents, all of our different lifestyles and everything we’ve been through, it all comes together in music. “

Padilla and Iniguez-Dejadez met the Tucson trio in Phoenix last summer when the Unrehearsed Music Group appeared on Padilla’s hip-hop podcast Da CookHouze. When Padilla told the three that she loved her music, they invited her and Iniguez-Dejadez, part of their collaboration album “Unrehearsed Music Group Presents CLB Collaborations Vol. 1,” which featured guest appearances by eight other rappers from Arizona, including Tucson’s King Kosmic and Hurricane Dizzy Dizz.