Tucson Republican commissioner pushes more changes to congressional maps | Local news



In response to their previous concerns about separating downtown from the University of Arizona, commissioners previously agreed to move the line to Campbell Avenue.

However, Mehl said that was not far enough and called Alvernon Way “Midtown”.

This change changes the political balance, however, and gives CD 6 more of a Republican edge than if the line was on Campbell Avenue.

Likewise, the change that Flour wants south of Tucson and that Sahuarita is pushing from CD 6 to CD 7.

Mehl said Sahuarita has a large Hispanic population, which goes better with CD 7. But CD 6 would then have to pick up the population elsewhere, probably from republican areas.

GOP candidate could benefit

There’s a link between Mehl and Ciscomani, a former political adviser to Republican Governor Doug Ducey.

The candidate’s wife, Laura Ciscomani, sits on the appeals committee. This is the body that selected Mehl as a nominee for the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Campaign funding reports for Juan Ciscomani list $ 5,800 in donations from Jonah Carson Mehl, son of David Mehl, who is vice president of Cottonwood Properties, the company his father owns.