Voters pass Tucson’s $15 minimum wage proposition | Local news



CJ Boyd, campaign manager for the Prop 206, speaks to reporters outside the MSA annex in Tucson Tuesday night.

Kelly Presnell, Arizona Daily Star

Tucson’s minimum wage will gradually increase to $ 15 an hour after the city’s voters approve the wage measure on Tuesday.

About 60% of the total of answers voted “yes” to Proposition 206 – the polling initiative to gradually raise the Tucson minimum wage to $ 15 an hour by 2025 – while about 32% of voters voted “no”, according to the unofficial ones Parliamentary elections by the. were released Tuesday night at the Tucson City Clerk’s office. Almost 8% of voters did not cast a vote on this point.

The proposal will initially raise the minimum wage to $ 13 in April 2022 and eventually to $ 15 in January 2025. After that, wages will rise based on the rate of inflation.

CJ Boyd, the campaign manager for the group behind the election initiative, Tucson Fight for 15, celebrated Tuesday evening with staff and supporters of the campaign.

“So many people have come together to make this possible,” he said. “We got over 100 local companies to get involved. I think that was really important to make it clear that this is something that benefits the whole community.”

The current minimum wage in Arizona is $ 12.15 an hour, and the Prop. 206 group estimates that approximately 85,000 city residents will receive a raise.